Why do you need to hire a virtual assistant in India?

India is at the top of the mind when many people think of outsourcing. Many big companies hire a virtual assistant in India or they set up a team of virtual assistants to get the routine work done at less cost. Certainly, India is home to many top-rated companies for getting VA services.

The introduction of ‘Gig Economy’

“Saving money is a passé. Saving money on each buck spent, generating more revenue is the name of economy- Gig economy”.

The Internet age has shrunken the world to fit into the size of our palms. The smart gadgets have achieved efficiency in one area if failed to live up to expectations of raising the standards of human intelligence. It has revolutionized (Evolved) the work culture. Offices have turned into creative and collaboration zone where artificial intelligence combined with human experience delivers a formidable performance.


The rise of BPOs and their success

Technology has amplified human participation, presence in radical ways. The corporate sector invested heavily in technology and reaped rich rewards before rest of the world noticed, approved of its methods. Who could forget the rise and popularity of BPO sector? It was a sign of things to follow next. First, it was large corporations outsourcing projects, the workload to offshore centers and now, it’s time for virtual assistants to sit next to and run companies – Mid to small size.


What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is a person who works from a remote location and helps businesses and individuals with various tasks. A side hand of virtual assistant helps to save a lot of time and energy.

Virtual assistants (VA) are the future of the global workforce. The virtual presence has an ever-expanding social footprint on our daily lives. Take the case of virtual assistants as an extension of social presence we share in the online world. As India is a developing country, therefore, the cost of hiring experienced Indians is less as compared to hiring people in developed countries. This the major reason to why people hire a virtual assistant in India.


Advantages of hiring a virtual assistant.

The benefits of investing in the virtual workforce may not have completely exploded in mainstream culture however companies have a tremendous opportunity to save hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. The best investment is where the risk is minimal, growth is phenomenal. This is one of several advantages of technology shaping the conventional economy structure and replacing the existing system with benefits taken from old system combining with multiple avenues opened by gig economy.
You should hire a virtual assistant today. You should invest in new techniques not out of the fear of being left behind but with the desire of moving forward. You’re compromising on business expansion, quality standards and most importantly customer service by not hiring a virtual assistant. How?

The path leading towards growth and progress is often shown to us in moments of doubt and weakness. Asking the question why one should hire virtual assistants takes the conversation to a point where one confronts the fate and same question being asked (of him) and demands an explanation over traditional methods of recruiting talent. A moment of catharsis! It’s during such moments we’ve to make the right decision. A decision that’s free of self-righteousness.

Talking at length over benefits of hiring a virtual assistant would give the wrong impression of taking the fight too far, too personal. A quick guide to spread awareness, educate fellow members.

Calculate the amount you pay for insurance, other benefits

The virtual assistants fall into the category of independent contractors. What it means to a business owner is he or she doesn’t have to worry or keep dedicated amount separate for medical insurance, pension etc. Do we’ve to mention time, money saved on every single professional hired?

The infrastructure cost is also cut down by a significant ratio. Companies don’t have to rent bigger workspaces, keep regular office supplies flowing. You can get away with the purchase of printers, fax machines, computers and periodic maintenance to name a few. The recruitment process can take a lot of time and efforts on the part of senior management. They’re kept engaged in tasks that don’t require the expertise or experience of talented professionals. It’s sheer wastage of talent and hinders the overall growth at individual and team level.

The underlying message is you’ve more time to focus on key activities. There’s still one piece of jigsaw missing- Peace of Mind.

How small units hire the best talent, expand and increase productivity

The costs associated with hiring the best talents prove to be detrimental in the long run. Smaller companies struggle to match the pay package and incentive programs offered by top players in the market. It’s a harsh reality of the corporate world. You get beaten not for lack of passion or brilliance but lack of resources or inability to hire people in quantity and quality both. The conditions are unfair, unequal. You know it for a fact and yet you cannot take it as an excuse to challenge the supremacy of rival teams.

What if you’d have access to same talent pool? It may not change the outcome but prepare you to fight the future contests with legitimate hope, renewed passion. Hiring a virtual assistant bridges the gap between not being able to hire the best talent as the in-house team member and roping in someone for a shorter period of time to improve the performance. You could handpick the right kind of candidate, fix schedule, improve output and cut down operational costs.

What has been the single most important point is to offer round-the-clock assistance to customers. You’ve got the option to assign tasks and responsibilities to virtual assistants to offer exceptional customer service experience. This is another way to stay competitive and explore new market sections. It sounds a great deal however it’s not that big a challenge when we consider virtual assistants have a different time zone to follow in comparison to in-house teams. Smaller companies need to adopt a disruptive approach before being run down by competitors with stronger financial muscle. It’s a strategic move to hire virtual assistants from a different country.

Imagine you’ve got extra work and deadline is approaching fast and you’ve got an acute shortage of workforce. It’s an ideal situation for anyone to fall into the trap and commit the mistake. Your first move is to hire someone thinking you’ve made the right investment. Everything seems to be in control and slowly you realize the new member hasn’t got much to do as festive period comes to an end and you hit a barren patch for the next couple of months. It’s again an easy decision to question the hiring of a new staff member and raise concerns over how things are run. You must understand it wasn’t your mistake alone and circumstances pushed you towards it. There weren’t many options available back then. You could handle a similar situation in a far effective manner by hiring a virtual assistant for a limited period of time.

The success of your business isn’t entirely in the hands of consumers. The happiness of customers is in the hands of customer service.

What are you going to invest in first?

Why do you need to hire a virtual assistant in India?

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